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CLBC Outdoor School


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Outdoor Education Offerings for Homeschoolers, Public, & Private Schools; and Certification Trainings for Camping Professionals

Outdoor Education
Traveling Education Options

A “Field Trip” in your classroom:

One hour presentation is $85 within one hour drive of CLBC (for longer distances, a travel charge may apply). Additional presentations same day at same site are $45 per hour presentation.

Presentation Options:

 - Michigan 1763 Living History Presentations

   Michigan Living History presentation.  Meet a Coureur de Bois (French-Canadian           Independent fur trader) who will interact with your students and help them                       understand what life was like in Michigan 250 years ago.  Understand the impact           Native American cultures (Potawatomi, Ojibwa, Ottawa, and Huron) and European         Colonial cultures (French, British) had on each other during Michigan’s colonial               period. Also, learn about the tools and skills needed to survive in the North Woods         over 250 years ago. Presenter will be in historically correct dress and have tools of         the trade for in the wilderness including tomahawks, knives, and musket with black         powder. *Please make sure your administration and school officer are aware before       the visit*

- Wild Things in the Classroom


  Students discover the variety and characteristics of Michigan fish, reptiles,                      amphibians, birds, and mammals. Presenter will use live animals and specimens.

*Call Don at 210-426-8148 to schedule*


Outdoor Education Options on site at Center Lake Bible Camp

Single Day Trips

We offer two instruction sessions -

Morning 10am and Afternoon 12:30pm - bring your own sack lunches

$25 per student (minimum of 10 students)

*Call CLBC @ 231-829-3441 or email for reservations


Overnight School Retreats

Overnight accommodations with meals provided by camp are available

*Call CLBC @ 231-829-3441 and talk with our office regarding price and availability

Programming Options Include:

 - Michigan Wildlife Students discover the variety and characteristics of Michigan       fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals. Presenter will use live animals         and specimens. 

 - Bog Ecology Students will learn about and experience this unique wetland.

 - Northern Forest Ecology hikes (tree identification and more)

 - Limnology (freshwater ecology) studies at the lake

 - Recreational options  canoe, kayak, swim, riflery, archery, hiking, field game

 - MICHIGAN 1763 Living History Presentations (details above on traveling options)

 - Horseback trail rides (additional charge of $10 per student for this option)

 - Team Building Initiatives (Low Ropes & Bouldering Wall) 

 - Climbing Tower

 - Tubing Hill (winter)

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