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Summer Missions Team

W4D3 (27)
W4D1 (7)
W3D4 (27)
W2D2 (27)
W4D5 (11)
W4D5 (10)
W4D1 (11)
W4D1 (8)
W4D1 (3)
W2D3 (17)

Every summer Center Lake has High School students from around the state who serve on our Summer Missions Team (SMT) as Support Staff, Counselors In Training, and Junior Wranglers. 

Looking to serve Christ while having fun, developing job skills, building your resume, making friends, and creating lasting memories? 

The SMT program might be right for you! 


2023 SMT Positions 

Application and Hiring Process

> Fill out Application 

   *Take your time while filling out the                             application. 


   *Send out References.

> Check References 

   *Center Lake takes the time to read through               reference submissions . 

> Interviews 

   *Qualified applicants will be contacted for 




Have Questions? 

Thanks! Message sent.


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