Summer Staff 

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W4D5 (10)
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Center Lake Bible Camp has been providing quality camping experiences for campers and families for over 60 years. Every summer we look for quality staff to take part in the eternal impact that Center Lake has on campers, staff and families. Are you looking for a summer full of memories, friendships, fun and life changing experiences? 

2022 Summer Jobs 

Cabin Leader

Leadership Staff 

SMT/CIT Coordinator 

Wrangler-Cabin Leader


Video/Photo Staff

Health Officer

Support Services Assistant

Health Officer Job Description

Application and Hiring Process

> Fill out Application 

   *Take your time while filling out the                             application. 


   *Send out References.               

> Check References 

   *Center Lake takes the time to read through               reference submissions . 

> Interviews 

    * Qualified applicants will be contacted for              interview



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Health Officer Job Description